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CRTA Convention 2017

Here is some information about the upcoming CRTA Convention on October 26 and 27, 2017.  One of the changes we have implemented for this year is that the devotional address will be on Thursday and the keynote speech will be on Friday.  Mark Wanders will give the devotional address and Rev. W. den Hollander (Sr.), will be our keynote speaker.

Convention Schedule:

Thursday, November 1
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Friday, November 2
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Devotional Address

Do Everything in the Name of the Lord Jesus

As we consider the theme of the Convention, taken from Colossians 3:17, “…Do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus…,” we’ll take a closer look at what ‘everything’ looks like and how Paul encourages us to do it all (NIV), or do everything, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Paul has written us a letter; yes, first to the Colossians, but by extension to us. Have a read through this letter all in one sitting, just as if you received a letter from a dear friend in the Lord, and begin to reflect on what ‘doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus’ might look like. Then, on October 26 we’ll consider further:

  • Why ‘everything’ and why in the ‘Name of Jesus’?
  • How are we so privileged to live in this ‘Name’?
  • If we are doing everything in this ‘Name’…how does that show up?
  • Do we consider the influence of everything we do, in and out of the classroom, in His great Name?

See you in October as God would lead us.

Mark Wanders is married and the father of 6. He lives on the outskirts of Smithville. He has a deep appreciation for teaching. Numerous times he has been given opportunity to teach (as elder in his church, at Campfire! Bible Camp, speaking engagements or with colleagues) and often ties in his love of sharing Scripture and how it might apply practically in daily life. He believes in discipling while being discipled; so while he loves to inspire many to take seriously their walk with Christ, he also continues his studies at Redeemer University College and has joined the John Maxwell Team, pursuing his passion in speaking, ministering and mentorship wherever God might lead.

Keynote Speech

The Great Reformation and Education – School in the Time of the Reformation

Let’s take a closer look at the priority given to the education of our youth by Luther and Calvin. Some of the aspects included in the speech will be Luther’s priority for the education of the children, his view of education, and the subsequent progress of the Great Reformation and of Scriptural education. Calvin’s philosophy and views of education, schools, etc. will also be in focus. Finally, the address will pay attention to the Great Reformation, the Reformers, and the schools today.

Rev. W. DenHollander, Sr. was born June 5, 1947. He grew up in the Netherlands, received his teacher’s training at the Kweekschool “De Driestar” in Gouda. He’s been married for 47 years with his beloved Gertie, and they received 9 children and 45 grandchildren (so far). In 1973 he and his family immigrated to Canada, to Smithers, B.C., where he taught for five years, followed by two years as Principal at the Dr. K. Schilder American Reformed School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received his B.A. at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, and completed his M.Div. training at the Canadian Reformed Seminary in Hamilton, ON. From 1984-2012, He served the congregations of Winnipeg, MB, Orangeville, ON, and Toronto, ON. Since his retirement, he and wife have lived in Binbrook, ON, and from there served the vacant churches of Dunnville URC, Rehoboth URC in Hamilton, Hastings RCNZ, PEI URC, Byford FRCA, and Attercliffe CanRC as Interim Pastor. He is also serving the Canadian Reformed churches as Coordinator of Church Unity with the URCNA, as well as the Board of ARPA Canada, and the Christian Counselling Center.

Special Considerations

Please contact George Hofsink at John Calvin School if you have any accommodation and/or special nutritional requests.

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