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About the Association

The Canadian Reformed Teachers Association (CRTA) was established in the 1960s to support teachers in Canadian Reformed Schools across Canada, as they and the communities they served sought to develop their Reformed Christian identity and professional practice. At the time, the schools’ founding families sacrificially devoted themselves to establish “brick and mortar” schools with an education that aligned both with the Word of God as confessed in the Three Forms of Unity and with their baptismal vows to have their children taught ”in this doctrine.” On this same basis, an early draft of the CRTA constitution stated its purpose “to advance and promote the education in Canadian Reformed Schools; [and to] assist individual members to perform their professional task in accordance with [its basis].” The teachers’ task was perceived to include the development of curriculum and day-to-day school practice and routines.

Over time, practical differences between “CRTA East” (primarily Ontario) and “CRTA West” (i.e., west of the Great Lakes) warranted their separate but parallel development. This site welcomes contributions from CRTA West, but is provided and maintained by CRTA East.

By means of various activities, including face-to-face meetings, an annual convention, a regular publication, this website, and cooperation with the League of Canadian Reformed School Societies and involvement in several of its committees, the purpose of the CRTA remains to encourage and support the professional growth of its members, and to enhance the Reformed character of education in Canadian Reformed and associated schools.